Pulse Engineering to Rhombus Cross Reference

Competition Part # Range
23Z356SM thru HX1148
P1597 thru PE-51518
PE-51520 thru PE-53186
PE-53187 thru PE-53805S
PE-53806 thru PE-53862A
PE-53897T thru PE-61005
PE-61006 thru PE-62252
PE-62253 thru PE-64681
PE-64682 thru PE-65394
PE-65395 thru PE-65725
PE-65726 thru PE-65882
PE-65883 thru PE-68822
PE-68825 thru PE-8303
PE-8304 thru PE-92416
PE-92417 thru PE-96190
T1063 thru TX1301

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