Services & Capabilities

Standard Product Line

Extremely broad range of Magnetic Products as listed in our various catalogs. 

Custom Designs

Leaders in development.  We welcome designs customized to your specific requirements. 

In-House Design and Fabrication Capabilities

Mechanical Engineering Precision Tooling and Machining. 
Manufacturing, Process and Test Equipment 
Software Development 

Coil Winding

Rhombus Industries provides this service with the option of either customer, or Rhombus supplied raw materials. 

Cross Referencing 

Rhombus can cross reference your current supplier part numbers. 

Additional Engineering Capabilities

Various Packaging Options 
- High Density, 
- Auto-Insertable 
- SMT 

Expedited Turn-around

For Critical needs Rhombus provides faster than standard lead times, from our prototype floor. 

Extensive In-House Environmental and Electrical Test Facilities

Thermal Shock 
Life Test / Humidity Test 
Full Temperature Testing 
Electrical Parameter Characterization 
Screening and Sorting 

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